Thursday, October 8, 2009

weekend review

Here it is almost Friday, and I'm just getting around to blogging about last weekend.

Kevin had Friday off, so we did lots of fun stuff as a family over the three days. The highlight was our trip to the New Haven and Lake Erie Railroad. It was chilly, so we bundled up and headed out to New Haven, east of Fort Wayne. There is a cute little "railroad" and train station with an antique train that runs a small track, and takes you to a pumpkin patch. (Where the pumpkins only cost 25 cents a pound!) You can hang out at the patch, they have a picnic table with coloring books and crayons, painted wooden characters like scarecrows and mummies, and little wagons for you fill with pumpkins and gourds. Then the train comes back to pick you up and you head back to the station. Preston was slightly unsure of the train ride (even though he loves train) because it was loud and the ride was kind of bumpy. Also, we went at the end of the day on Sunday afternoon, so we were one of the only people there at the time. I think if it were packed full of other families and kids, he would have enjoyed the train a little more. He did love the pumpkins, though and had a ball picking them out.

This is what the station looks like when you pull up:

The train that is an odd combo of Thomas the Train and the little engine that could:

Having fun in the patch:

The kids showing off their pumpkins:

We also took Cecilia to meet Grandma Erb:

And enjoyed the toddler time story session at the library:

One thing that Kevin and I did just the two of us was check out the Parade of Homes. It accomplished two things for me-
1. ... It made me realize how desperately we need a mudroom. How great would these be? Some women dream of charming nooks and built-ins with original hardwood floors. Me? I thankfully have those things, so I dream of a mudroom off an attached garage.

And 2... It made me appreciate our own home, on our historic street with all it's character and giant old trees, which are currently changing to bright reds, oranges and yellows. There are many amenities about a new construction house that I'd appreciate for sure, but there's nothing like the feeling or energy of an old, proud house filled with memories and generations of love!

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