Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fun loving boy

Happy February!
Does anyone else feel like January was waaaay longer than normal this year? February and March are some of the hardest months for me to get through because it feels like winter is never ending, but once the "lamb" part of March hits, the world takes on a whole new view. Thanks to "Phil the scaredy-cat Groundhog" dashing our hopes for an early spring, I guess we'll have to soak up the sunshine of my happy boy's smile. :)

Preston loves to check himself out in the mirror after his bath. If we get him out of the tub and try to dry him off and get dressed too quickly, he feels like he's missing out on lovingly gazing at his reflection and rubbernecks around until we let him see himself in the mirror.

Being goofy after dinner

Loving the cupcakes at Miles King's Birthday Party! Happy B-day, Miles- hope 2 is a great year for you!

That's all for now- hope everyone is staying warm and optimistic in this cold weather!

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