Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Greetings from Illsley Drive!

After FINALLY selling our house (after 1 day listed as For Sale By Owner. Geesh- we should have done THAT a lot earlier) we have closed and made the move to our new digs! Getting settled in is another story. The master bath is still under construction and the kitchen remodel is starting in two weeks, so we are by no means done. But enjoying being here, anyways! :)

Preston seems to be adjusting well. We had a couple of days meltdown mode while packing the old house and unpacking here, but he seems to be adapting well. My awesome mother in law had perfect words of wisdom as we were discussing Preston's adjustment. She said, "To him, home is wherever mommy and daddy are." And it couldn't be more true. He's definitely checking in with us often and looking to us as his secure base whenever we have contractors in and out, appliances delivered, drills and saws going and as he navigates his way around his new surroundings. I'm so relieved that he's this age for the move as I've heard it can be a difficult transition for older children. He's had fun climbing in and out of boxes, exploring his big new room and pushing his trike and toys around the first floor.

We are also proud to report that we are officially "ghost-free." Some of you know this story, but others might be surprised to learn that we are fairly certain we were not alone here at first. This came as a surprise to us as it was actually a couple of contractors who had a small run-in with the ghost whom we believe to be Mrs. McMillan, the wife of a historical Fort Wayne figure who was the second owner of this home. It's a long story, but suffice it to say after some holy water and a "house clearing" performed by a sage-burning medium, we can say with confidence that she's no longer here.

Other than balancing unpacking, chasing a continuously more mobile little boy and your run of the mill ghost hunting, things are status quo here. Stay tuned for updates!


Betsy King said...

Yipppeee!!! Welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonka-- That home is what dreams are made of. It honestly takes my breath away and you've done a fabulous job of decorating it already! I love seeing baby P in his jammies, because it still reminds me that he is still a little baby boy-- not the toddler I see so busy all the time! I am so happy for you and this new home! It was all worth it!! Love Aunt Kristin