Monday, October 20, 2008

First big trip!

We just returned from our first trip since Preston was born and it could not have been better. Our friends, Kristin and Patrick chose Charleston, South Carolina as the location of their wedding weekend, so we packed up to join the celebration. My mom and Sherm traveled on the plane to help us with Preston and watch him during the reception, so it was a relief knowing he was not with a stranger. Kevin, Preston and I spent the night in Indy on Wednesday since we were leaving so early the next day and while getting Preston to sleep in his pack and play in the hotel room was a bit of a challenge, I'm glad we had the night as practice, because he did great in the port-a-crib thing in our room once we reached Charleston.

The flights were great- I had gotten Preston a toy airplane a week before we left so that he could see it and recognize what we'd be doing and he was SO incredibly excited when he saw it, the lights, the luggage trucks and especially the baggage claim luggage carosel. (Funny, I HATE seeing that carosel thing because it usually means longs waits.) He made lots of friends on the flights and while we were there. He got to eat TONS of southern food- homemade mac and cheese, BBQ, mashed potatoes, a taste of ice cream, and even some crab corn chowder which he couldn't get enough of.

One of his favorite things was attending the Goetterman's rehearsal dinner at the gorgeous home home they stayed in right on the ocean. He loved the beach and loved having his little feet in the sand. So much so, that we had a really hard time getting him to leave.

We learned more than once that there really is such a thing as southern hospitality. For example, since we stayed in the historic district of Charleston, there was an OLD firehouse in right across from our hotel. Most of you know that Preston is obsessed with trucks, tractors, or emergency vehicles of any kind, so Kevin and I walked him by to show him and sure enough- one of the firefighters came out and showed us the fire truck, let Preston site inside (!!!) and touch all the chrome. He even got his very own "junior firefighter" badge that will go in his baby book.

Our hotel had a great pool, so we got some sun and swim time in, too.

Charleston is known for it's charming downtown with lots of shops, horse drawn carriages, restaurants, and historic homes and churches from the 1700s. The architecture is amazing and we took in as much as we could - hitting the pavement and enjoying the beautiful weather. The day we left was cooler and rainy, so we really lucked out.

Kevin and I had a blast at the wedding and the reception was at the South Carolina Aquarium amidst giant tanks of beautiful fish, large sharks, eels, and other oceanic wildlife. Wasn't Kristin such a beautiful bride?!

Kristin and Patrick, thank you so much for inviting us to share such a special time with you! We wish you all the best for a long and happy life together. We love you!

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