Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're still here!

Ok, it's been wayyyyy too long since I've made a blog post, but I have a good excuse: Preston won't let me. He's crazy. CRAZY, I tell you. This child won't sit still for a second. Actually, he won't sit at all anymore, because he's at this point unable to get to his "crawling" position from sitting. I say "at this point" because he's been known to change overnight when it comes to his mobility. Last week, he could only army crawl, while this week, he's up on all fours, rocking back and forth and now even pulling himself up to standing occasionally. To say that he keeps us on our toes is a gross understatement. He's into everything, so we can't turn our backs for a single second. In one recent afternoon, he pulled the iron-grate fireplace screen over on himself and then proceeded to pull my antique table at the bottom of the stairs on himself, smashing it down and breaking one of the legs right off. I guess that is to be expected with boys- but honestly, other babies his age that we know just aren't quite this active! We aren't complaining- we love his curious personality and spunk. Every day there is something new that he's "discovering."

I've been compiling pictures to document and better show what I mean:
Here he is on his way to the bathroom trash can. It's fun for him to pull it over and dig through used kleenex or empty toilet paper rolls. Bathroom play is both educational and sanitary!

He's absolutely fascinated with doors. He pull them open, pushes them closed, smashes his fingers in the cracks, basically anything one can do with a door, Preston has tried. Also, notice that many of the pictures included in this blog are blurry. He moves too fast for my little point and shoot camera!

Here's his handy-work on the table I mentioned above...

He's as social as ever and LOVES other babies and kids. He'll usually go to anyone, but once I'm out of his sight and he remembers that mommy is gone, he'll get a little freaked out. Today, I took him to vote and the check-in volunteer asked if he could hold him. I agreed, but only because he was only standing a good 3 feet from me and I knew it'd take all of 19 seconds to vote. So he let the guy hold him and luckily, he held Preston up to see the lights on the ceiling. Always a good 19 second distraction!
Here he is playing with his little girlfriend, Stella and hanging out with his cousins at a recent family gathering.

His absolute favorite thing is when Daddy picks him up and swings him upside down. Now, before you have a fit, Grandma Joan, I recently heard that parents instinctively play with their children by tossing them up in the air because it helps babies' brains develop a concept of space-relation. Babies who aren't played with in this way are more likely to require physical therapy as older children. So- Kevin indulges this urge often, and the reaction he gets couldn't be cuter.


He's completely in love with Ruby. Lately, he especially likes pulling her tail and spilling her water bowl. A few days ago, I watched him grab a piece of her food out of her bowl and pop it into his mouth! Thankfully, I was able to fish it out, but I thought for sure we were in for some red drool.

With the spring weather upon us in full-force, we've been outside pretty much every day. I love living so close to Foster Park where they have such gorgeous gardens and a playground that we can use. Preston still loves the swings and I put him on top of the slide recently. It's made for some great pictures!

When Preston isn't busy getting into everything, he's eating! Now that he's nearing 9 months old, he's consuming some small bits of our food and trying new finger foods. I recently made some organic hummus that he wasn't too fond of, but he did love the whole plain yogurt that we gave him last weekend. I mixed it with some fruit and oatmeal and let me tell ya- he loves it. I think he would eat that for every meal. He's really into feeding himself but isn't even close to mastering the art of the spoon, so cheerios and dog food will have to work for now. He's clearly working up an appetite since he's burning calories being so busy.

That's it for now- until next time, be thinking of us chasing around a crazy baby every time you sit down. Ahhhh- someday. :)


Jessica & Todd said...

So glad to see you are blogging again! Wow...Preston is growing and changing big time! It's all crazy, but tons of fun! It only gets more exhausting too! :) Hope to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

I love that little monkey and I hate to hear him cry when he shuts his fingers in the cub board! But, like Jess said, I have a funny little feeling that this is nothing. Cannot wait to stay tuned. xoxo

aunt kristin