Sunday, May 11, 2008

best. mother's day. ever.

Words just can't describe how lucky I feel this year- Mother's Day has a whole new meaning now and will forever. Kevin and Preston have really made it an amazing weekend for me.

Saturday was an awesome day with my two favorite guys. In the morning, we got up, went to our favorite farmer's market, scored tons of fresh veggies and some tomato and herb plants. Then, we headed to the zoo for a couple of hours and enjoyed the sights. Grandma Judy got us a season pass for Christmas and we can't wait to use it all summer. Preston has been a few times, but this was his favorite trip so far. He was enthralled by the Sea Lions, finally was awake to enjoy the petting zoo portion, and especially loved watching the carousel.
Here we are with the goats, which was fascinating to watch. Preston made buddies with one in particular, giggled when it nibbled on his fingers, then got a little freaked out when it became a bit more interested in his hand. Poor thing!

The rest of the afternoon, Preston spent at home with Daddy so that I could go plant and work in the yard over at our new house. They came over to join me later in the afternoon before we all headed home to grill and just relax. It was a fabulous day.

Sunday morning, Kevin got up with P and let me sleep in till 8:30!! It was wonderful. If I haven't mentioned it already- Preston is now pretty much STTN (Sleeping Through The Night), so I was able to sleep last night from about 11 to 8:30. I'll post more in detail on this later, but suffice it to say that it's HEAVEN! When I got up, I was greeted with two beautiful and sweet cards and a gift certificate to the spa. (Yippeeeeeeee!) Then, my mother, stepfather, and grandmother came to Fort Wayne for a Mother's Day Brunch at Park Place downtown. One word- YUM. I easily could have had just the desserts and pastries, but fully enjoyed everything, of course. Preston was a little tired, but did great in the high chair with some cheese, melon, and pita slices in front of him. What a big boy eating off the buffet! He was due for a meltdown by the time we had finished up, so we thought it was best to head home and let him nap before venturing over to Grandma Judy's house for a nice visit in honor of the holiday. There, he got to play with his cousins, his grandpa, and also go through some very cool old vintage-y toys that belonged to his father and his aunts and uncles. Fun stuff!

This Mother's Day, perhaps more than any other, I have a great love and respect for my mother, stepmother, mother-in-law, our grandmothers, and all of my amazing friends who are also mothers. I truly believe it's the most special thing a woman can experience and am so thankful that I get to share in this day, too. Happy Mother's Day to all my mamas and mamas-to-be out there!

And Preston- my sweet angel boy- I love you more than you'll ever know. A huge thank you to you and Daddy for making this a Mother's Day I'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bonka! I am so happy you had such a lovely Mother's Day weekend! You are glowing in that picture with Preston. Him and Kev are so lucky to have you. xoxo

Aunt Kristin

Anonymous said...

Being a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world....I didn't think it could ever get any better....and then my baby had a baby.....and you know the rest of the STORY!!
Love, Nana