Thursday, December 27, 2007

Preston's First Christmas

This Christmas was obviously the most special that Kevin or I have ever experienced. Last year, on the morning of the 24th, I took a pregnancy test and was astonished to see a faint second line come up. My family had an idea when I was drinking water throughout the evening, and Kevin and I were cautiously excited until actually having a blood test done to confirm. Needless to say, last Christmas, our head was spinning with the news that THIS Christmas we would have a baby. Now, though- it seems impossible to remember life before him.

This past week has been a whirlwind of family events and celebration of the season and Preston handled all of it wonderfully. We are so lucky to have such a social little man who doesn't mind being passed around, cooed at or loved on.

We kicked off the holiday by meeting Matt, Natalie and Emma in Marion for dinner. (We decided it was the halfway point between Muncie and Fort Wayne.) Going for some local Marion fare, high style as it may be- we chose a restaurant called Little Rosies or Rosie's Little Italy or something... It may have been a bit of a dive, but we got to see the Pryor family for our annual Christmas dinner with them and Nat and I got to snuggle with our Godbabies which is always a treat.

On Sunday afternoon, we hit the road for good old Elkhart to make the family rounds. Preston was a doll and there was no shortage of gifts for him by any means. He scored some awesome toys and clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Roberts and Aunt Tori and Uncle Collin treated him well, too!

Later, with the Willig side of the family, he was spoiled with books and stuffed toys and lots of hands willing to hold him. (Or should I say, waiting their turn with him?) Great Grandma Joan got some special time with him reading one of his favorite books, The Big Red Barn, and Preston later became enthralled with the pattern on her shirt. This is quite possibly my favorite picture of the week. Check out this face!

This picture is specifically for my Aunt Diana, who checks the blog and has requested more "smiling" pictures of Preston. So here he is, on my cousin Austin's lap, smiling at Diana:

Kevin's family gathers every year at the Erb house for Christmas Day festivities of games, gifts and a huge meal. Again, Preston was showered with love from adoring family. As I've mentioned before, he is the 9th grandchild on that side, (soon to be 10 in April!!!) They range in ages from 16 to 4 months, so you can imagine what a challenge it is to get all 9 to sit still for a picture, but we still tried:

Here are some more from our Christmas Day celebration:

I hope that everyone out there in blog-reading land enjoyed their holiday as much as we did. May the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season be with you and yours throughout the year!


Jessica & Todd said...

What wonderful pictures! Love the one on Great Grandma's lap...cracks me up! Preston is one lucky little guy, to have so many people lovin' on him! I am so happy that you had such an amazing Christmas! They only get better! :)

Holli said...

I love his little christmas outfit...such a cutie!! I remember so clearly last year when you got the best christmas gift of all! It seems like just yesterday!

Em, Jim and Baby Herndon said...

So cute! He's so perfect.