Monday, December 17, 2007


Preston has started this adorably strange sound he's making with his throat. He does it non-stop and seems quite amused by himself. We think it's hilarious, but have no idea how long it will last, so I had to catch it on video before he's on to bigger and better sounds. However, trying to do so has proved to be pretty difficult. This kid is usually jibber-jabbering and "growling" these days pretty much constantly. ...Until there's a camera in front of his face. He clams up- who knew stage fright could start at 4 months old?? My dreams of Broadway greatness are dashed. Anyways, here's a peek at what I was able to capture- if you listen closely at around 15 seconds you get a split-second of the growl.

Today is P's four-month birthday! I cannot believe how quickly the past four months have gone... although if you were to ask me when he was about 6 weeks old, I would have said that it's dragging on.... HA! Nowadays, he's such a joy, though, that I wish I could bottle him up and keep him like this forever. I am absolutely in love with watching his little personality develop. Like Grandma Judy said the other day- "His personality is starting to show and it's a good one." We certainly think so. The poor kid gets literally about 200 kisses a day from us.

The past week or so, he's been waking up more frequently at night, so I'm wondering if it might be time to start some rice cereal. If I can survive the holidays with trying to sell our house, traveling out of town and finishing up the Christmas shopping without losing my mind, he might actually get a chance to try some real food. If you can call rice cereal real food. gross.

By the way, you read that right- I said "trying to sell our house." As of today, it's officially on the market. About a month ago, we found a home nearby that we like, (of course it's another project house that will mean ongoing work, even though we swore we'd never do that again.) but we need to sell our home before we can purchase the new one. If any of you, dear blog readers, know of ANYONE in the market for a perfect starter home, send them our way! ;)


Jessica & Todd said...

How funny! Olivia made the same kind of sounds before she really started babbling!

Selling your! I love that house! But I am sure the other house is just as cool.

Hey, call me about the whole rice cereal thing. Might have some good tips for you! :)

Betsy King said...

Sorry, I'm deaf. I'm coming over for a private performance! See you soon!

: )