Thursday, November 1, 2007

P the Pepper

Preston's Halloween costume was a big hit! He was a chili pepper and I thought it was adorable. He wore it to the costume parade at the breastfeeding mom's group that I attend on Wednesdays and also around to visit family and friends in the neighborhood last night. As you can see, he didn't love it as much as we loved seeing him in it and by the end of the day, he'd had enough and needed to call it quits on trick-or-treating a little early. It was so much fun to see him all dressed up for his first Halloween!

With Karen and Eduardo:

With the whole group:

"Get me the hell outta this thing!"

Little Pumpkin:


Jessica & Todd said...

Love the one of him crying! Oh what we put our kids through! It was fun hanging out with you at the Halloween costume party! See you soon!

zaphiro said...

holy crap i love the one of him crying! how adorable! the whole pepper outfit is great--hope you had fun!