Tuesday, October 9, 2007

poor little sickie

Well- it was bound to happen sometime... our poor little man has his first cold! I noticed him sneezing frequently over the past week along with some congestion. (Which allowed me to use the nasal syringe- weeee!) Last night, he was pretty fussy and felt warm, so we took his temperature- sure enough, he had a slight fever. I ran out and got infant's acetaminophen followed by a frantic, typical, first-time-mom phone call to the doctor today. They aren't too concerned, just want us to keep an eye on him to make sure it doesn't turn into an ear infection, and to alternate between infant's motrin and the acetaminophen every three hours to keep him comfortable and his fever down. Since I only got the tylenol last night, thankfully Grandma Judy came to the rescue and picked up some motrin for us today. He literally hasn't let me put him down for the past two days, so with the help of the vibrating papasan chair, swaddle blanket, hair dryer and the motrin, he's finally asleep and I'm able to post. Poor thing- it's breaking our heart, but we know that this is just the beginning... I read that on average, babies and kids catch a cold 6 times a year!

One of the reasons this was so disheartening is because he's been doing remarkably well since my last post! I'm nervous to say that we've turned a corner, but it certainly seems that way. At his last doctor's appointment, she switched his reflux medication which I believe is helping more than anything. He also weighs.... (drum roll please....) 10 and a half pounds! A gain of almost 5 lbs in just seven weeks! We are beyond happy that he's putting on weight so easily. Not to mention how cute the fat rolls are that he's been getting. His uncle Matthew even joked that his thighs reminded him of "uncooked bratworst." ha! ;)
Here's a bathtime glimpse of our little fatty:

He's sleeping better, too! Amazingly, one night last week we got a 5 hour stretch. (Of course I realize that could have been due to his little body being tired from fighting off this cold.) But nonetheless, he's been consistently giving us at least one 3-4 hour stretch each night.

Here he is in his ND jersey last weekend- (Kevin is convinced that Preston wearing it was their good luck charm, considering it's the first game they've won all season.)

Another great thing is that he's been all smiles lately- especially in the mornings when he's well-rested. We love nothing more than to sit and coo at him and watch him interact by smiling and following us with is eyes, kicking his fat little legs, reaching for objects, and talking back with gurgles and goos. Last week, Kevin took Friday off so that we could spend some family time together and enjoy a three day weekend... I took several pics of him enamored with his Daddy in bed on Friday morning:

P-Funk on the mic!

Even with as much work as parenthood has been so far, it's truly the most rewarding thing either Kevin or I have ever done!

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zaphiro said...

Awww! I'm sorry to hear little P is sick...but you're right, this is just the beginning!

I'm in town next week--the 15th and the 17th, at least...hope I get to see you one of those nights!

I'll bring the Purdue jersey--what size would you like? ;)