Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Don't it make my brown eye blue"

Kevin has blue eyes and I have green, so there were many times while I was pregnant that we would wonder which color Preston would get. They say all babies have blue eyes and then they change later, which was true for me, but when P was born, they were so dark blue, they were almost black. Over the next few weeks, as the blueish color developed, so did something else- half of his right eye is BROWN! We actually think it's pretty cool. You can make it out better in pictures than in person, partially because of the lighting and partially because he won't sit still long enough to let you get a good look. There are several pictures you can click on to enlarge in previous posts where you can tell, but I captured a few good ones this week, too. We've even joked that we could make some money off him by renting him out to the circus along side the bearded lady and the lobster claw girl. I can hear it now...."Step right up! See for yourself- the marvelous little freaky-eyed-wonder!"

In his bear-bunting from Aunt Heather:

Ready to go!

"Mom, don't show 'em my eye!"


Nana said...

I think he's beautiful and perfect in every way. I've never seen a cuter baby except for his mother. Now about the brown/blue eye....I think it's no doubt a sign...a genius....political prowess....impending greatness of some magnitude. I'll be the first to remind you when he's president, or winner of the Nobel Prize.

Jessica & Todd said...

That is amazing! I have never seen anything like it! How cool! I wonder if it will stay that way? Well I am looking forward to seeing you both on Wednesday. What a special, unique little boy you have!

Holli said...

I love his little half-brown eye! I hope it stays that way!
Sending some ((hugs)) to my favorite little nephew and best mommy ever!

Em, Jim and Baby Herndon said...

Wow! I think its beautiful!! Very cool! Doesnt some model or actress have the same thing?? I can't think of who - but Im sure of it.

zaphiro said...

I thought IIIII was the freak-eyed wonder! So you're saying I have competition?!

Goin down, P...goin' down! :)

Love it.


Hollow M. Midnights said...
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Holli said...

Okay, it's been 9 days since your last post. I'm starting to have cute picture withdrawal. Come on momma! I need more pics of my adorable nephew!