Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CLEARLY Advanced!

Ok- so we have big news here on the Preston-front... I swear he rolled over yesterday!!! He did it twice in a row for me and again for Kevin when he got home from work. Since I didn't think anyone would believe it, I took some video this morning as proof. (It's shot from a strange angle- him laying across my lap, because that's the position he was in yesterday for a burp when I discovered how amazingly talented he was.) NOW- admittedly, the fact that he's laying on a non-flat surface is probably what allowed him to do it, but nonetheless, he accomplished this without any help from me. We'll try it again soon with him on the floor, but seriously- for a baby that is not even 4 weeks old, we think this is pretty amazing!


Holli said...

OMG Preston! You are on your way to Ivy league for sure! What a smarty! ((Hugs)) from Aunt Holli!

zaphiro said...


this clearly isn't kevin's baby. too talented! ;)

it was great seeing you last week - i miss ya! and preston's such a handsome devil already...he's gonna be a ladykiller!

talk soon!


Nana said...

I knew it! I told you from the first day this child is a genius! I'm calling MENSA!