Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy boy!

Preston has become quite the social butterfly! He had a busy week this week- even making his first trip to the zoo. Outings with our little guy are always interesting- sometimes he is a perfect angel and sleeps through them, while others are a bit more- shall we say, "challenging."

Monday, I discovered in a panic that we were confined to the house when I realized I had lost my keys. After tearing the house apart and calling everywhere we had been in the prior 72 hours, I gave up. STILL don't know where they are, but thankfully Kevin had a spare set to the car. Tuesday we had our breastfeeding class and meeting with the lactation consultant, and it was the first time I had gotten both Preston and myself ready and out the door to go somewhere just the two of us. (We only had to start about 2 or 3 hours in advance.) Wednesday, we took a trip to Sam's Club and Target with Aunt Holli- gotta get there at least once a week for diapers! Thursday, his Nana was here for the day, and Friday, mommy's friend Aunt Britt and her sweet kiddos Lauren and Miles were visiting from Chicago, so Preston made his first of many trips to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.

Thursday night was big for all of us, as well. Kevin and I were celebrating our 4th anniversary, so he insisted we go out for a nice romantic dinner. I was extremely nervous at first, but he had already made reservations the week before and arranged to have his mom stay with Preston. Knowing Judy would be there helped me relax and allowed Kevin and I to enjoy ourselves just the two of us. With Preston's birth and all the other blessings in our life, we truly had a lot to celebrate this year. I may have been a little anxious without him at dinner, but we were home within 2 hours and of course, found him sleeping on Grandma Judy's lap.

The sleeping (KNOCK ON WOOD) is getting a little better. Kevin and I have made some major discoveries- a bath before bed calms him down. (Maybe it relaxes his muscles or somehow gets him in the sleep mind-set.) Secondly, the vacuum cleaner is a miraculous machine. We tried this at the suggestion of Dr. Harvey Karp, author of "Happiest Baby on the Block," the book I mentioned before. And sure enough- if he's fussy or fighting sleep, we turn it on and -voila- he quiets down and we can walk him around, pop a paci in and his eyes get heavy. Now- setting him down is another story- but we'll work on that later. It has, however, even gotten him a few short naps in his crib- yay!!! We also have a fan in our bedroom and a stereo in our guest bedroom set to total loud static so that when we are walking him from room to room, he feels comforted by the white noise. It's also what I've been listening to in the car. (Goodbye for now, my beloved NPR.) Oh well- we'll take what we can get if it means a happy baby boy! Thankfully, we've gotten several 3 hour stretches of sleep from him this past week. Fingers crossed that it's a continuing trend!

"I'm SO not impressed by this alligator."

"Goats- yawn."

A family photo before Mommy and Daddy's dinner out:

Asleep with Grandma when we got back: (Poor Ruby.)

Napping in his crib with the vacuum on:


Nana said...

He's just amazing and I love every minute with him. He's the sweetest baby I've ever known...except for you, of course. But wait a minute....he's WAY too close to that alligator!! OMG! That photo is scary! How about the ducks and gerbils?

Jessica & Todd said...

Looks like you are enjoying lots of fun times with your new little one! It is good for you to get out...not matter how hard it may be. Hope to see you soon.