Monday, June 7, 2010


Seriously- Over a month since my last post! I am awful. And you, my friends, are out of the loop. Sooo.... in the spirit of a good friend who has a slight case of pregnancy-induced ADD (Hi Betsy!) I'll give you an efficient bullet-point blog post. Light on pictures because as I have found I am so stinkin' busy lately, I am constantly forgetting my camera when we are out and about. I will be better in the weeks to come because we have such a fun summer planned!

*First and foremost- Mother's Day was so nice!
Kevin made my day with the best Mother's Day gift ever. Tickets to John Mayer at Verizon in August! Wooohooo! Opening for him is the amazing group, The Avett Brothers. Trust me, you want to check them out. And by the way, maybe I just have a thing for bad boys, but aside from being a brilliant musician and lyricist, John Mayer is just misunderstood, so don't hate.

*Potty Time- done with daytime diapers!
For whatever reason, Preston refused the potty with gusto until back in April when he finally went. I had watched friends and family members potty train and it seemed so daunting and like so much work on my part. To be honest, I just didn't feel up to that challenge or have the energy to put into it. However, I was pretty much over diapers and thankfully after that first time, so was Preston! He totally led the way and started telling me when he needed to go. Within a few days, we were in underwear full time at home (except naps and nighttime) and now, he's going potty while at home and out in public on the big potty- both pee and poo. I am so proud and fully admit that I didn't give him enough credit. I was expecting it to take months and months, but in reality, he's only had one accident, and that was his first day in underwear. So, there you have it- daytime potty trained in a couple of weeks. Wootwooot!

*CeCe's eye.
Because of Preston's heterochromia, I am hyper-alert to anything having to do with the kids' eyes. The week of Mother's Day, I noticed a small black fleck in CeCe's right eye. It was about the size of a piece of pepper and I could tell it was on the surface. Nurse Mommy gently rubbed the lid towards the corner of her eye, and also tried to flush it out, but the thing wouldn't move. Her eye was red and watery, so I kept trying to trust that her body would clean it out like it was meant to do.
However, Friday morning, I was worried that the weekend would come and it would get infected or what if this and what if that, so I went ahead and called the doctor. They got us in, tried to get it out, but were unsuccessful, (very traumatic for both CeCe and Mama,) and then sent us to an opthamolagist who was also unsuccessful at removing it in the office and scheduled us for surgery the next morning. Yes, surgery...under general anesthetic. I was such a nervous mess. Thank God I had Kevin to calm me down every 5 minutes. Long story short, the surgeon we were scheduled with was WONDERFUL! He called our house to speak with us the night before, and she was only out about 7 minutes total. The nursing staff in the pre and post-op areas were awesome. They brought in a rocking chair and had it waiting next to her bed in recovery so that I could nurse her immediately. She did GREAT! She was a total pumpkin and even laughing, babbling and playing patty cake in the post-op area. The surgeon said that what he removed was a small piece of "organic matter," so I am assuming it was mulch or dirt or something of that nature since we've been outside so much lately. Our little sweetie, she was such a trooper. It was heartbreaking to see her in discomfort, but it was truly our only option. Here's hoping we never have to deal with a surgery again because even though she did well, it was no fun for any of us!

*9 months old!
CeCe is 9 months old! We are doing lots of big-girl things lately. Patty cake, giving kisses, so big, trying new foods, etc... I adore this stage. Perhaps the cutest thing she does (and she does a lot of cute things, so this is sayin' something...) is when we ask if she wants to do Patty Cake, she immediately starts clapping her hands. So sweet!! She JUST started crawling a few days ago, and is now trying to pull herself up on stuff. Life takes on a whole new view with a mobile baby around here! We just had her 9 month well baby visit- she was 18.2 lbs and 28.25 inches long- 50th percentile for both height and weight.

*I broke my (expletive) toe!
Walking into the door jam. It sucks trying to keep up with the kids, but I have it taped and am trying to elevate/ice it along with ibuprofen. It didn't stop me from plant shopping in Shipshewana later in the week with Judy, though. My friend Erin Spencer (Hi Chom!) broke both of her feet separately last year and somehow stayed out of the loony bin while chasing two toddlers, so I think I should try to grin and bear a broken pinky toe without complaints. It's been about 3 weeks and is starting to heal well, but I still have it taped. Badly, badly need a pedicure.

*We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake, have been making trips to the zoo, I've been enjoying time in the garden while the kids play outside. Summer is here and we have no complaints!! :) Here are some pics of recent fun:

CeCe posing for the camera:

Kiwi for lunch:

Backpack, backpack!

Hanging in the exersaucer:

Cookin' up some trucks:

Worm hunt with buddy Audrey:

Washing up some dishes in the backyard:

Fun at the zoo!

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Jessica & Todd said...

Wow! Lots going on with you lately. Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. Can't believe how big CeCe is getting. Hope you enjoy your summer!