Tuesday, February 2, 2010

play play play

What else are you going to do this time of year? Seriously, as much as I hate to say it, I could totally just do without January, February and March. We've been sick quite a bit lately, and this winter, as per usual, seems to be dragging on when all I want to do it get the kids outside and take time to plan out my garden. I try to think of as many activities as I can to combat winter boredom, or behavior (mine included) seems to take a turn for the worst around here. The past couple of weeks, we've been focusing on leaving the house at least once a day, and if it would ever stop snowing, that might be slightly easier. We've hit the library, the mall, scheduled several playdates, attend Preston's funtime frenzy class, made a trip to Mitchell Books' and It's Playtime, run errand after errand and then crash at home.
Ok, enough of my griping, check out our pics. Oh, and the tulips up top? They were a treat to myself for making it through the grocery with both kids and a packed cart. And yes, they make me smile every time I walk past them. Keeping the faith for spring. :)

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