Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Preston wanted to make sure this was a special Father's Day for Kevin since it's his last one being an only child before his baby sister joins the family and gives him some competition.

First, on Friday, we went to the store and got the ingredients to bake Kevin a homemade carrot cake. For those of you who know me well, you know that baking is not my forte, nor is it something I particularly enjoy. Cooking on the other hand, is wonderful and even a stress-reliever for me. There's just something about baking that seems so overwhelming and like there's so much pressure because it doesn't give a lot of leeway for error. However, recently, I have been feeling more adventurous and brave and am even making some german chocolate cupcakes later today. The recipe is from Ina Garten (known as "The Barefoot Contessa" to my fellow foodies) so I know they'll be delicious. Click here for the recipe: German Chocolate Cupcakes

Back to our Carrot Cake... Occasionally, I have Preston "help" me cook or prepare things in the kitchen. It takes longer than if I were throwing something together on my own, but it's so worth it because he gets such a kick out of it. I really strive to be the kind of mom who can always slow down enough to enjoy the every day little things with her kids. Now I like carrot cake, but I don't love it the way Kevin does. But this really was delicious. You can see the recipe by clicking here: Carrot Cake Recipe
Check out my little chef:

Can you tell we were pretty proud of our efforts as we presented the cake to Kevin? There were about 100 little finger marks in the frosting, though.

Saturday morning, Kevin golfed, then when he got home, we gave him his Father's day gifts a little early since we had such a busy few days planned. Then, a visit from Grandpa and Grammy Roberts to deliver and assemble his new Little Tykes Hide and Slide! Along with a birthday party and fun with neighborhood friends for Finn Adams who just turned ONE! Not sure why these pics are showing up so small? Perhaps because I illegally yanked them from Matt Adams' facebook account, but you get the idea... (Go ahead, Matt, try to sue me!) haha ;)

Here's a stock photo since we don't have pics of Preston on the Hide and Slide yet, but will get those up soon. He's loving it, by the way, and my dad and Kevin put this thing together in about 7 minutes tops. It's totally going in my basement this winter for indoor play.

Sunday we spent the day at Lake James which was so nice and included a boat ride and a certain toddler who was way too brave in the pool for my comfort. I forgot my camera, of course, and will have to get some pictures this weekend as we are taking off for an overnight trip up there tomorrow.

Monday, Kevin took the day off work, so we finally got to check out the African Safari at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. It was amazing! They really did such a nice job and the landscaping alone is worth seeing. The Ostriches and Giraffes come right up to you and you can feed them. It was ungodly hot so they weren't into eating much, but one Ostrich in particular was especially enamored with Preston and caused some roaring laughter from our little guy as his shoes were about to be eaten. We got ice cream for a treat and headed home to recoup after our busy and long weekend.

Ok, bear with me because I know I mentioned this in my last post, but honestly, I feel so lucky and blessed to have a husband who is such an amazing father. He really is the kind of dad that cherishes each moment with Preston and his patience and communication with him just floors me. Thank you, honey! You mean the world to us and we love you with all our heart and hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!! xoxo

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And what an amazing weekend it was. Thanks for everything.