Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

We had a busy weekend- starting with story time at the library with Aunt Kim, then Aunt Tori's birthday/shopping trip in Fort Wayne, a quick trip to the lake for Sunday, then on Monday, we took place in our first Illsley Place Memorial Day parade and cookout. Preston really enjoyed all of these activities, but I hardly had my camera at all, so this was all I could get... enjoy!

Having fun at the library!

Helping daddy drive the boat:

Everybody lining up for the parade. I love the bike with the red/white/blue ribbon on it! The pledge of alleigence was said and the parade took off, but it seemed everyone spread out by about the 4th house. Couldn't keep these paraders down...they were ready to go! :)

Since Easter was late and Memorial Day was early, it feels like one blink and BAM! Summer is on in full effect. Here's hoping it's a slow, leisurely summer that drags on because we are NOT ready for this little girl to be here yet- too much to do before September!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and has a wonderful week!

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