Wednesday, August 6, 2008

my curious almost-one-year-old.

I am feeling very nostalgic about Preston's upcoming birthday and can hardly believe it's been a year since we brought him home. Some days, it feels like he's always been here, and others like he's still that little newborn that was completely dependent on us for everything.

But dependence is NOT something he's striving for these days. He wants so badly to do whatever he can on his own. He's still nursing, still wearing diapers, not walking on his own, and even with that new tooth- not yet feeding himself with a spoon. But other than that, it's all Preston! He's able to entertain himself for a few minutes at a time these days, flipping through his books or pulling toys out of his box until he's quickly on to the next thing. The speed at which this child tornadoes through our house is amazing to us. His energy is exhausting but charming at the same time. I've learned it's really important for him to get out and about during the day in order to keep him stimulated enough to satisfy his curiosity. It's almost as if he's bored with everything there is to do here at home.

We are gearing up for the big first birthday bash and are really looking forward to a day that will celebrate him with family and friends who love him. Here are some shots of our little curious munchkin taken recently. As you can see- he's busy as usual figuring things out. Enjoy!

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