Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Fun

Friday was our shower with Kevin's family which was was a wonderful evening of family, food (of course) and fun. Hosted at the Fink home by Dan and Lisa, Kim and Bill and Matthew and Heather, Kevin and I arrived to a very professional-looking chalk mural on the sidewalk made by some of his nieces and nephews, complete with a baby bottle and rattle.

What a welcome!

A lot of thought was put into the decorations with a brown and blue theme- from table confetti, to brown and blue balloons and a darling cake, everything was set for a great night of fun.

How sweet:

We were once again showered with fabulous gifts- our pack-n-play was the big hit of the evening, which Kevin's siblings went in on together and I know will be one of the major necessities that we'll use all the time. He also got tons of cute clothes including this adorable and snuggly outfit from the baby's Aunt Heather- can't wait to see him in it!

Great gifts!

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was the book that Kevin's sister Kim initiated. It's a simple journal with the darling Dr. Suess theme, "Oh The Places You'll Go!" that each of our family members wrote in with individual letters to the baby. Some of the notes were funny and lighthearted, some are drawn pictures from our sweet nieces and nephews, and others are incredibly touching, mentioning that our family was gathered that evening to celebrate him, all anxiously awaiting the chance to meet him, and explaining how loved he already is. I do think he might be a bit confused, however, when we one day read the letters to him, because coincidentally, each of his uncles explained why they would be his obvious favorite! After returning home that night, we read each of the entries together and tears of joy and gratitude streamed down my face. (Damn hormones!) They were all beautiful sentiments. We are so lucky to bring our son into this loving family. Thank you so much to the Erbs for your continued excitement for us and for this 9th grandchild- we are so blessed!